• Clarinette


    I believe Michael Paulus is playing the actual instrument. I’m just playing around in the background.

  • Heroine


    A play on the word heroin, but it was inspired by a gilded statue in Portland that I don’t remember the name of, so this seemed apropos.

  • Hello! Video Reprise

    Hello! Video Reprise

    Couldn’t help myself, we just had all those nice instruments sitting there, and who doesn’t love a reprise.

  • Rob a Train

    Rob a Train

    Not sure what we were going for here.

  • Intertime


    I think I spent too much time on the bus.

  • Celofoam


    I believe I had just gotten a copy of Reason at the time, which had fantastic evolving synth sounds. Play it loud… but not too loud. It’s a loud track. If you’ve ever listened to Medicine, you know what I was aiming for.

  • Moving Pictures

    Moving Pictures

    Song kept building. Rare attempt at sincerity in songwriting. Don’t hold me to it.

  • Irata


    Don’t you know, that’s Atari spelled backwards. Boy can you hear that guitar buzz.

  • Celebrated


    Not much point but the playing-with of the knobs on the devices. The real goal was the video for the show.

  • Hello! Video Theme

    Hello! Video Theme

    During 2002 and 2003, I curated a number of video “shows” in Portland. At first they were all at Bar of the Gods, and so I wrote a theme song (and produced a video). A bit tongue in cheek.