• Starvation


    Abandoned demo, perhaps rightfully so.

  • The Victim

    The Victim

    A demo of a song I would return to years later.

  • Forsake


    I feel like we got about halfway through building this track, and both RC and I had added a bunch before it got left behind.

  • Never Said

    Never Said

    Another demo of a rather serious song we were working on at the time.

  • Taken


    The political theme, and lines like “we are patriotic by design,” were surely rooted in the first term of George W. Bush. It was 2002; after all. This was a demo and I played many of the instruments myself, but Mike Squires pitched in with bass and lead guitar.

  • Decembergirl


    This is a very slick version of a song that was in our set for some time, and that had been written more or less a couple of years prior.

  • Tellina Lie

    Tellina Lie

    This must be my third or fourth take on this song, now with an actual band. It’s certainly well-developed at this point.

  • Pinup Girl

    Pinup Girl

    One would think it would be a happy song!

  • Adelone


    A meditation on addiction and soured relationships.

  • Delay Inevitable

    Delay Inevitable

    Didn’t dive too deep; came up jaunty. It wasn’t easy to fit “inevitable” in like that but if Dylan can do it, so could I.